"Living in Colorado and needing a closer in California was something that I wasn't sure how to get. We were referred to Universal Notary and they were fantastic. We called in and gave the details of where the closing was and they took care of EVERYTHING for us.

They scheduled the notary and they scheduled with the borrowers for their signing. The communication and experience was great and very easy.

They also provided all the information after closing and I had my package back first thing the next day. Not only did we get everything back promptly all documents came back complete and accurate. It was a great experience and I would recommend them to anyone."

Andrea Hughes

Escrow Officer
Assured Title Agency

"I am writing this letter to say thank you for the outstanding level of performance your signing service company has consistently provided to us since we opened. As you know, our company is incredibly busy performing closings all over California and we require absolute perfection from our signing service. We have found that perfection with your company.

Whether it's a signing as far south as Chula Vista or way up in Humboldt County, we know that your company will provide us with a notary in that specific location who will ensure that the signing is performed perfectly. It is not only the professionalism that your company provides but the highest level of customer service that has motivated us to write this letter. We have consistently received amazing feedback from our buyers, selling agents, and mortgage brokers regarding your notary's ability to make the signing an enjoyable and positive experience.

Your continued excellent service has given us the two things all escrow companies need from their signing service company: trust and reliability. For these reasons, we look forward to working with you in the coming years on all future closings. Thanks again for everything."

Ryan Spitalnick

Vice President
Prominent Escrow Services, Inc